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Happy Thanksgiving…and an Ebook Sale

First and foremost: There is so much I want to share, so much on my heart, but for now, I’ll keep this post short. I pray everyone has a wonderful day celebrating our blessings here in America. I hope you’re with family and/or friends, whether you’re enjoying a classic plate of turkey, mashed potatoes, and… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving…and an Ebook Sale

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Author Spotlight: Jill Willis

Hello! I hope everyone has had a pleasant October! The autumn colors have seemed more vibrant in my area of Montana this year, even considering we lack the plethora of reds I enjoyed growing up in New England. 😉 But praise God, that He makes different kinds of beauty in all areas of the world… Continue reading Author Spotlight: Jill Willis

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Tinsel in a Twist, a Christmas Fantasy Romance

*Opens door to blog, glances around, smiles, and strides inside*Hey, everyone! Gina Donati here.*quirks eyebrow* I’m seeing some blank stares, so perhaps I need to elaborate: I’m Tinsel’s friend from Tinsel in a Tangle. You know, the one who gave her a place to stay when she was ousted from Flitterndorf. *grins* Ah, there’s some… Continue reading Tinsel in a Twist, a Christmas Fantasy Romance

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What if We Lay Aside the Blame?

  These days, the nation looks more like the Fractured States of America than the United States of America. There’s so much anger and fear, name-calling and hatred, bitterness and resentment. But what if… WHAT IF, instead of accentuating our differences, we focused on what makes us the same? Each of us at one time or… Continue reading What if We Lay Aside the Blame?

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Tinsel à la Phone Case

Last week I shared some of the things I worked on this summer when I had limited writing time. But I saved the best for last. Well, best in my opinion. 😉 If you’ve followed me for a while (or know me in person), then you've come to realize I love Christmas. Which is part… Continue reading Tinsel à la Phone Case

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I’ve Got Two Words For You

Apparently in certain circles, the hip thing to do at the start of a New Year is pick one word to sum up your resolution(s). My mother, two sisters, and I were texting about it the other week, and my older sister chose “Thrive” as her word. My mother quickly texted back with “Health” as hers.… Continue reading I’ve Got Two Words For You