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Childhood dreams

To start things off, I want to give a huge shout out and “Thank you!” to my gracious and multi-talented friend, Ashley Martin, for helping me set up this blog/website. She’s an amazing author with her own blog: http://www.lemonbiscuitcrumbs.com/. It’s worth a look-see, especially if you enjoy literary fun and a quirky sense of humor.

In my “About” page, I touch upon one of my childhood dreams of living in France and how God had other plans for me. I’ve had one more significant dream ever since I learned to read: I wanted to become a published author…before the age of 40. That dream has yet to come true. And while I still have a few more years to go before my self-imposed deadline, it’s the main reason why I’ve started this blog/website. I’m not sure where it’s going to go, or even where it’s supposed to go (God is slowly teaching me to think in terms of twenty-four-hour increments rather than twenty-four-day increments), but I’ve called it Scattered Whimsy to allow me the freedom to share some of the other projects I turn to when my writing goes south. Which it does. All too often.

So, welcome to a little piece of my world and be sure to pop back in every once in a while to see how I’m faring on this, my latest adventure.

~Laurie Germaine