Mod Podge Makeover

In early May, Hubby traveled back to New England to visit with his folks and work on a blueberry "fort" for his mom--dang those pesky birds! I don't typically look forward to him leaving, but this time I could hardly wait to drive him to the airport. I had plans to work on a project… Continue reading Mod Podge Makeover

Doll Drama

When words fail…use your hands!

I’ve been doing a lot of research and menial rewriting over the last couple of months. Researching agents, tweaking the first 10-50 pages of my manuscript, writing query letters, tweaking query letters, more researching… I hadn’t had much time left over for actual writing—you know, the kind that gets a writer’s butt into the chair… Continue reading When words fail…use your hands!

Doll Drama

A Taste of Spring

Bonjour, mes amis! C'est moi, Ellowyne Wilde, back for another post now that spring break is over--for Laurie’s daughters are once again at school and quiet reigns here at the house. While February and March teased Montanans with unusually mild temperatures, April seems to have decided at least one month must come in like a lion and it… Continue reading A Taste of Spring

Doll Drama

Just a Little Spritz Here…And a Little Dab There…

Ellowyne has been in a mood these last few days (she claims she hasn’t received much “screen” time since I started this blog), so I thought I’d use this post to highlight two of her favorite things in her bedroom…and appease her ego at the same time. In the picture to the left, in which… Continue reading Just a Little Spritz Here…And a Little Dab There…