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Tinsel in a Twist, a Christmas Fantasy Romance

*Opens door to blog, glances around, smiles, and strides inside*
Hey, everyone! Gina Donati here.
*quirks eyebrow* I’m seeing some blank stares, so perhaps I need to elaborate: I’m Tinsel’s friend from Tinsel in a Tangle. You know, the one who gave her a place to stay when she was ousted from Flitterndorf. *grins* Ah, there’s some recognition.

Four years ago, almost to the day, Tinsel came here to announce the release of Laurie’s debut novel. Today, I’m here to announce the release of its sequel, Tinsel in a Twist! Why does the privilege fall to me? Because even though I’m not mentioned on the back-cover blurb (there’s only so much information one can stuff into fewer than 180 words!), I get to play a bigger part this time around. Like, when Tinsel and Niklas are trying to find the Silver Reindeer over in Germany, I’m back in Flitterndorf (me! in Flitterndorf!) helping Niklas’s younger brother, Kristof, deal with mounting tensions between the elf clans, walkouts at the Workshop, the reindeer falling ill, and— *winds a lock of hair around finger* —I may or may not have discovered a skeleton in my family’s proverbial closet. And I … may or may not have tried keeping it a secret. Heh heh.

*claps hands and clears throat* So yeah, you should grab yourself a copy of Tinsel in a Twist, if only to discover the happy at the end of all this trouble. You can find the ebook on all major platforms (Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo, and more), and it’s available in print on Amazon or through a special order at your favorite independent bookstore.

And now I must be going. I, uh, need to get ready for a date with … well, you’ll see.

*blushes and heads for the door*

*Spins around at the threshold* Oh, one more thing! If you’ve read and enjoyed Laurie’s first book, Tinsel in a Tangle, but haven’t left a review, it would be a huge help to her if you went to Amazon and/or Goodreads and wrote a quick review there. Because silly SEO algorithms and all that. It’s similar to getting “likes” on social media—the more “likes” your post receives, the more the platform will boost your post. So, the more reviews a book receives, the more Amazon will allow it to pop up in other searches to new customers. And with every purchase of Tinsel in a Tangle, Laurie continues to give all profits to AIM (Agape International Missions). Win-win, right? 🙂

*waves good-bye* Happy reading!


One thought on “Tinsel in a Twist, a Christmas Fantasy Romance

  1. Laurie, I enjoyed your first book so much that it has become and annual read, getting ready for Christmas. I can hardly wait to read Tinsel in a Twist.


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