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Never a dull moment…

Hallo! Ich bin’s, Ellowyne! (I thought I’d try out some German since it was Laurie’s college major, but I’m not feeling it. She claims it sounds beautiful. If you ask me (which nobody does since I’m a doll), I think French sounds far more elegant…eloquent…Ellowyne-esque!)

But enough about languages. Who wants to talk language (other than Laurie) when we have a doll to introduce?! Yes, we have a new member of the family, who arrived when the Germaines returned from the fishing trip in early May. Here’s what this InMotion Girl by Ruby Red Galleria looked like originally, when Laurie’s mom received her…

Original Lia
With a brown wig...
With a brown wig…

…with her original name of Lia. By the time she came to us in MT, she wore a nondescript brown wig, which didn’t quite gel with those intelligent eyesbut Laurie had plans.

A change of clothes paired with a sassy new wig brought out Lia’s true personality…and we all agreed this required a new name.



So everyone, meet Piper.

...and improved
Piper: New and improved

As you can imagine, she and Mistletoe hit it off right away.

Kindred spirits

We have four younger dolls now in this expanding motley crew: Tori, Mistletoe, Ping Lei, and Piper. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here’s one that captures the essence of these girls’ personalities when it comes to mischief or adventure:

Left to right: Ping Lei, Piper, Mistletoe, and Tori

Though Mistletoe and Piper switch roles at times, Mistletoe is typically the “driving” force behind their escapades, Piper supplies the fuel (the encouragement and follow-through), Tori goes along for the thrill of the ride…and Ping Lei tries to curb their enthusiasm so they don’t do anything too foolish.

And then, of course, there are those days when Mistletoe takes an idea and runs with it all on her own.


Sigh. Drive safe, dear.

Tschuss! Au revoir!

Be sure to turn around at the property line!

(I suspect our lives will no longer be as quiet and uneventful as they once were.)


One thought on “Never a dull moment…

  1. So now I know why you need a larger house as to the growing need to enlarge the house in the corner of your dining room. And it looks like Mistletoe might need a larger roaming space…I assume she has a driver’s license! Welcome Piper!


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