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Praise and thanksgiving…

Before too much time passes (and we all know how quickly that happens!), I want to post a brief update on the Write on the Sound conference, in Edmonds, Washington. Praise the Lord, first of all, for safe travels, encouraging girl-bonding time, and beautiful weather. When I think of Seattle and its surrounding towns (Edmonds is about thirty minutes to the north), I typically have in mind cloudy skies and lots of moisture. Not the case during the first week of October this year! We enjoyed temps in the 70’s, a pleasant breeze, and mostly sunny skies. We even ate dinner outside one evening! Typical for Edmonds in October? I don’t know but it was definitely an added bonus.

Second of all, praise the Lord that all the negative drama stayed home and didn’t tap me on the shoulder in the middle of a session to say, “Surprise! We thought you could use some self-degradation right about now.” I found it very easy—this time around—to simply focus on the knowledge and advice the instructors had to impart to the attendees and not once was I plagued by comparative-itis. A huge feat for me. That’s not to say all future conferences will go as smoothly (mentally and emotionally), but for now, I’m rejoicing in the progress I’ve made.

Finally, praise the Lord that not only did I leave behind my inner critic, self-doubt and inadequacy, but I haven’t caught a glimpse of them since I’ve returned. It wouldn’t faze me if they popped in for a spontaneous (and hopefully short) visit, but at the moment, I’m taking advantage of their absence and over-heating my laptop with all the writing I’m pounding out. It helps that this corner of the year (September through mid-January) is my most inspired time to write, so I’m soaking up the positive vibes and running with it.

You know, if we were computers, then the conference weekend was all about downloading information onto our hard drives. Now that my girlfriends and I are back in our real lives, it’s time to run that software and apply it to our current WIPs (works in progress).

If we could just put life on pause for a few days while we went through the installation process…


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