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Yellow Light

Yes. No. Wait. When we go to God with a prayer request, we love to hear the first one, frown to hear the second one, but I think the most frustrating answer we receive sometimes is “Wait.” Why, Lord? For how long? Pretty please, can’t I have [insert request here] now?   In the spring… Continue reading Yellow Light

Writer's Refuge

Epiphanies in Household Chores

I had an imaginary, future discussion with my daughter the other day. As a writer, I’m more skilled at hypothetical conversations than real ones, and considering I was alone in the kitchen washing dishes—really, what else was there to do? This conversation with my future 15/16 year-old (she’s 12 ½ now, so it’ll be here… Continue reading Epiphanies in Household Chores

Writer's Refuge

What is Christmas, anyway?

Merry Christmas. Two simple words that generate not-so-simple responses. To one heart, it brings joy; to another, it brings sorrow. One man smiles at the greeting, and another man gnashes his teeth. One house fills with excitement and gratitude while the house next door drowns in stress and envy. Christmas once ushered in a time for… Continue reading What is Christmas, anyway?

Doll Drama

Letting Go Is Not The Same As Giving Up

Seeing as how we are officially halfway through the year, I thought I’d bring you up to date on my New Year’s resolution, which was to send out query letters to dozens of agents and/or publishers. To be honest, I’m discouraged at how few agents and publishers I have been able to find that are… Continue reading Letting Go Is Not The Same As Giving Up

Writer's Refuge

Oh, the conflict!

Ellowyne Wilde is mad at me. I have done so much writing and reading and researching over the last month or so that she’s feeling a little under-appreciated. With spring officially arriving tomorrow, Ellowyne has PLANS. But before she can implement her plans, I have to find time to drive two hours to Missoula just… Continue reading Oh, the conflict!

Writer's Refuge

In the words of Taylor Swift: Shake It Off!

I’m not a huge Taylor Swift fan (I’m in my late 30’s and my go-to music are works by Yanni and the soundtracks to the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies, so you'll have to forgive me), but while I might not agree with everything she does or says, I still admire her ability… Continue reading In the words of Taylor Swift: Shake It Off!

Writer's Refuge

Two Steps Forward…

Can I tell you a secret? I’m so excited this week—and God stands smack dab in the middle of it. Back in November of 2013, our church decided to fast and pray over a period of three weeks for God to work breakthroughs in both the congregation as a whole and in our individual lives.… Continue reading Two Steps Forward…

Writer's Refuge

A Thankful Heart

Tuesdays are my writing days. My one day each week where I can sit on the couch with my laptop while my children are at school and write and ponder and hit the delete button and write some more…without guilt. I might write again on another day, but the guilt will tag along with it:… Continue reading A Thankful Heart