We’ve been shuttered!

“So what have you been up to today?” my mom asked during our late Saturday afternoon phone call last week. I smiled. “I finished making the shutters for my house.” Pause. Then, “For your house…or Ellowyne’s?” Touché, Mom. Considering the plethora of doll-sized work I’ve been doing over the last couple of weeks, her question… Continue reading We’ve been shuttered!

Doll Drama

A Teaser

Hello, everyone! Ellowyne Wilde here. I’m back (finally!) with a quick update on how Laurie is coming along on my front porch. She’s allowed me to reveal a few snippets, assuring me she will have the whole thing completed by the end of September. Okay, so she didn’t promise. I believe the word she used… Continue reading A Teaser

Knitting Knook

Have bag. Will travel. Almost.

I’m on vacation for the next few weeks. When you think of the word “vacation,” what first springs to mind? Maybe relaxation. A time to unwind. A yummy drink in one hand and a good book in the other. Or maybe it means going to new places, seeing new sights, doing something different and fun… Continue reading Have bag. Will travel. Almost.

Doll Drama

Time to…Play?

Hello, my cyber-space friends. It’s me: Ellowyne Wilde of the Germaine clan, back with some news that’s thrilling enough to keep me happy for more than a few minutes! Yours Truly is now officially in charge of all future Doll Drama posts. Eeee! Today, I’d like to highlight one of Laurie’s latest projects: an American… Continue reading Time to…Play?

Doll Drama

Let Your Light Shine

Here’s a simple tutorial for making an inexpensive, non-working lamp for your fashion doll. You will need: - two 3” wooden craft candle sticks - a votive holder - some fabric (pre-cut quarters work great) - stain or paint of your choice - heavy-duty glue (my favorite go-to glue is Loctite Power Grab that holds… Continue reading Let Your Light Shine

Doll Drama

Ladders and Railings and–oh, MY!

Hello! Ellowyne Wilde here. Laurie has graciously allowed me to write another post— ~She twisted my arm.~ I am a doll. The only arms I’m twisting are my own ball-jointed ones! ~(She twisted my arm.)~ Anyway…my bedroom is now one step closer to completion, for Laurie finished making the ladder and railings for the loft area!… Continue reading Ladders and Railings and–oh, MY!