Doll Drama

Ladders and Railings and–oh, MY!

Hello! Ellowyne Wilde here. Laurie has graciously allowed me to write another post—

~She twisted my arm.~

I am a doll. The only arms I’m twisting are my own ball-jointed ones!

~(She twisted my arm.)~

Anyway…my bedroom is now one step closer to completion, for Laurie finished making the ladder and railings for the loft area!IMG_1200 I wish I could claim to have built them myself, but I don’t go anywhere near power saws. Do you realize what sawdust would do to my hair? To say nothing about my clothes and joints and—

~Moving on.~

—(And my shoes!) So, the railings. After spending an enormous amount of time making the railings for our front porch (she won’t let me post a picture yet—hmph!), Laurie decided to take the easy route for our loft and bought a railing that in other homes would sit atop a kitchen cabinet. Not the case in this home. After cutting it to fit the perimeter of the loft, she stained it to match the loft floorboards and wall timber.IMG_1136 I’m told she will eventually anchor the railings to the floor, but for now, they’re just sitting there. Careful, Mistletoe!IMG_1201

To construct the ladder, she bought another 3 ft railing (yes, she decided to pay for the convenience of having pre-drilled holes rather than making the drive to use a friend’s drill press—again) and pulled the pieces apart after cutting it to the correct length. The little posts she set aside for some future project—who knows what at this point in time—and painted the “holey” lengths with Valspar Ultra Paint + Primer.IMG_1198 From a 5/16” x 36” dowel, she then cut nine ladder rungs and painted them with Valspar Royal Gray (looks dark blue to me). Once everything had dried, she fit the pieces together and voilà: We have ourselves a ladder!IMG_1199

Again, Laurie has promised to glue the rungs to prevent the ladder from falling apart, but everything is—for the moment—tightly wedged together. (And I was too anxious to get this post off to wait around for the glue to dry!) So…um…use with extreme caution, Tori!



Tori and Mistletoe making mischief in the loft.
Tori and Mistletoe making mischief in the loft.
Sigh. Why did we want a ladder, again?
Sigh. Why did we want a ladder, again?

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