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You May Have Heard About an Upcoming Release . . .

If you subscribe to my author newsletter, then you already got the news: I’ve embarked on the indie-publishing path for my sequel, Tinsel in a Twist, and it releases October 4, 2021!

No doubt some of you are surprised at this announcement, since the last time I posted about my novel, I was in the throes of draft #4, dejectedly accepting the fact the sequel wouldn’t be ready for my once-hoped-for 2020 release. And I’m sure some others of you are surprised I’m taking the indie-path this time. 😉 The main reason for this is because my original publisher is currently not accepting any manuscripts, and given the fact Tinsel in a Twist is 1) a Christmas novel and 2) a sequel, chances were extremely slim that it would get picked up by another publisher.

So, I turned onto Indie Trailway and am currently hiking up the publishing learning curve to have everything set for an October 4th release. 🙂 Tinsel in a Twist will initially be available in paperback and ebook on multiple platforms (so if you don’t like Amazon, you have more options). I’ll also look into the audiobook form, but since the expenses come out of my own pocket, that maaaay have to wait a little while (unless I become convinced there are far more people who listen to books these days than read them, making the audio is worth the cost). 😉

Okay, enough housekeeping. On to what we’re really here for: my cover, by the talented Amanda behind AM Designs:

It’s been almost two years since Christmas elf, Tinsel, joined the Minor Flight Team and started dating Niklas Kringle, Santa’s grandson. But during a practice flight, she unintentionally endangers the reindeer and gets suspended from the job she loves. So when Santa’s age-old enemy, Krampus, threatens a Christmas takeover, Tinsel seizes the opportunity to win back everyone’s trust and her position. For the key to Krampus’s downfall lies halfway around the world in a legendary Silver Reindeer, and Tinsel alone has the talent for reindeer speech.

Once overseas, however, Tinsel runs into Niklas’s ex-fiancée, Gretel (who may still have designs on becoming his Mrs. Kringle), and discovers that not only has the Silver Reindeer disappeared, but so has her talent. Now rendered useless against Krampus, and outclassed by Gretel, Tinsel must devise a new plan to save the futures of Christmas, her love life, and her career, before they unravel faster than a trio of ugly sweaters.

This is so not the most wonderful time of the year.

I’m excited and terrified for this new adventure, but I think it’ll be a good push out of my comfort zone. I hope everyone has a wonderful start to their summer, while I anticipate October’s arrival–haha!


3 thoughts on “You May Have Heard About an Upcoming Release . . .

  1. Most exciting news of the week…do I really have to wait for Christmas to read this book? Ok, I’ll wait! I am also sure this will be another winner.


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