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Silence is Golden

My blog-life has been quiet for several weeks.

My real life, on the other hand, has not.

School started up again at the end of August and with it came new schedules, new routines, new meetings, new appointments. Around those responsibilities and those of the household, I also had a self-imposed deadline to finish the second draft of my Christmas novel by mid-October. Early on I realized I couldn’t work on both my novel and my blog at the same time if I wanted to make the deadline. Which I really wanted to do. So I took a break from the blog…and I pulled back from Twitter, FB, and Pinterest, as well, because let’s face it: all that social media can lead down rabbit trails and detract us from using our time wisely and productively. 

I’m happy to say I completed my second draft on schedule [insert happy dance here], and now…well, now I get to take a little break from writing to work on all the projects I’ve ignored since August.

Like the sideboard in the master bedroom I want to revamp. The “quilted” AWANA bag I should finish for my daughter. The fireplace I want to make for my dolls before Christmas. The Pookies I want to knit for some relatives. A couple of Shutterfly albums I need/want to put together before Christmas (Mom, pretend you didn’t read that last part). And another half dozen random projects I’d like to complete around the house/for the family. And all done by Christmas, of course.


Yeah. Impossible when one factors in all the daily-living stuff I need to accomplish, as well as preparations for the birthdays and holidays that fall in between now and December 25th for my family. So…I’ll just plug away at them and we’ll see how far I get come Christmas. 🙂


I’ve already knit two Pookies out of four (see the pattern here on Ravelry.com), although neither is 100% complete (one still needs his hat and ears, and they both need embroidered noses) and I did relinquish some writing time a few weeks back to finish an iPad case/carrier for my daughter. I love the sense of being able to check things off my mental to-do list, and now that I can ease up a little on writing, hopefully I’ll be checking things off much faster than I did before!

felted iPad case
Felted iPad case with a pocket on the backside and a braided leather strap.

How about you? Am I the only one who piles on projects between the start of school and Christmastime, or can you relate to my unrealistic endeavors? 🙂







One thought on “Silence is Golden

  1. Enjoyed your Blog this afternoon. Glad you have the first draft of a new novel finished. I was debating with myself this morning if I want to start a Christmas novel next or wait until after Thanksgiving. I have just finished reading 3 novels by Ann Gabhart which I found to be the best Christian writer (of novels) that I have found so far. You will be getting them after a friend here finishes them. I picked one up at CBD flash sales which I figured means the books that didn’t sell and were left collecting dust. It sat upstairs collecting more dust because the cover didn’t appeal enough for me to pick it up…finally I did pick it up, couldn’t put it down. Then I realized there was a previous book about these people and thought I would order it, only to find out that there was the next book as well. I liked it because the people were real, not perfect in everything they did, and life was not always happy and sometimes had sad results. But it does have a happy ending or why would anyone want to read the book?

    Anyhow, enjoy your Christmas hiatus (Christmas does start in your house now doesn’t it?) and I will be sending the 3 books for you to read by the fireplace on cold winter nights.

    Did you name them “Pookies” or are they named after someone at your house? They are cute, look a little like veggie tales because of no-arms.

    Love you Laurie

    Keep writing after your break



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