Doll Drama

Pale Memories Make Today’s Whimsy

Pale Memories
Pale Memories ~Wilde Imagination

This is the doll that started my foray into today’s world of BJDs (ball-jointed dolls). She is still my favorite!

Five Christmases ago—years after I had grown up, gotten married and moved away—my mom sent me a present concealed in her signature heavy gift wrap and matching ribbon, and I remember thinking, This looks suspiciously like a doll box. Is she kidding me?! My mom was the doll collector in my family, not me. Oh, I had played with dolls…when I was ten! But as a thirty-something wife and mother of two toddlers (at the time), what use did I have for a doll?

Then I tore off the wrapping to reveal the box. The intricate, gilded design along the edges of the lid called to my fantasy-loving side and I amended my initial thought with a giddy, This might be a fun doll, after all.

Suffice it to say, once I took Pale Memories out of the box (and promptly set her on a protected area of the kitchen counter), I couldn’t walk past her without stopping to examine her outfit or gaze into her pale green eyes or smooth my finger over her hair or…you get the picture. Shortly thereafter, I became a frequent visitor to the Wilde Imagination website and just weeks after receiving my first BJD, I used some of my birthday/Christmas money and purchased a second one.

Cut to the present day. For a former non-doll-lover, I now have quite a collection of Ellowyne Wilde dolls (including a couple of Prudence dolls). If she strikes your fancy and you want to learn more about her back story or friends, I’d encourage you to check out As for me, while I’d love to expand my collection even further (a Lizette or two would be nice), the dolls are starting to climb out of my price range. Sigh.

So what’s a recent BJD addict to do, when she hasn’t the funds to bring another doll into the fold? Start playing! And by that, I mean creating doll dioramas that allow Ello and Pru to (almost) live and breathe.

Which brings me to a whole new post…



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