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DIY Doll Tree Swing

Bonjour, mes amis! C’est moi, Ellowyne Wilde.

It’s a sad time to be me these days. Not only did I (and my dolly peeps) get booted from our cozy home in Laurie’s dining room and crammed into a cold-hearted cabinet (because of a move to another town that ended up not happening!)…

…but we learned a few months ago that as of the end of 2016, Robert Tonner wouldn’t be making any more dolls from the Wilde Imagination line for our lovely collectors. Gasp and cry! No more new Ellowyne or Prudence dolls for Laurie—unless they come by way of her mother as she downsizes. I suppose Laurie has enough of us to keep her occupied, but it’s the principle of the thing. I was just coming into my glory days. You should see what kind of amazing pics people share about me and my Wilde friends on FB, Twitter, and Instagram!

Because Laurie’s somewhat listless right now (a writer without a manuscript to sink her teeth into is like a waitress without customers; a teacher without students; a pastor without a congregation; a doll without her cozy home—er…), I’ve taken it upon myself to present her latest craft. It was a simple feat, really. Just a matter of finding some time to implement it, which she accomplished yesterday as she worked through that day’s Bible study lesson.

(Priscilla Shirer’s Armor of God—so good!)


Here it is:

A tree swing.

Didn’t I tell you it was simple?

If you’d like to make one for your dolls (okay, fine, your children’s dolls (we both know the truth ;))), keep reading for how she did it. If you don’t care to make one…scroll down a few pics for a brief slideshow near the end.

To make this swing, cut to size any piece of scrap wood, MDF board, particle board, etc., that you have on hand (this one is 3″ x 6.25″, scaled for a 16″ doll), and drill four holes near the corners:



Prime the board and then paint it/decorate it any way you like. Laurie used Valspar paint in Fresh Cotton, followed by Mod Podge to glue some scrapbook paper overtop, purposely tearing the edges:


Once it’s dry, take jute twine–or any kind of cord or rope–and lace it through the holes so it looks like this:

Or! You can insert the twine through the top and tie a knot at each hole under the swing. Because Laurie needed to get this onto a large branch, she tied knots over the branch:



And voilà! A tree swing fit for a doll.


This should help take our minds off our troubling times for a bit, don’t you think?

Or…maybe I spoke too soon? It looks like Pru is about to get some unwelcome company.




8 thoughts on “DIY Doll Tree Swing

  1. Very cute! I think I’m most impressed that you got the dolls to balance on the swing without falling off!


    1. Hee hee–yes, the smaller dolls are the most poseable and balanced. Although one did eventually fall off the tree–and lose her wig!–when my dog ran through the room. She’s now safe and sound back on the porch. 😉


  2. Or, a painter without a canvas. Interesting little story though.


  3. Your dolls needed some romp time-go Laurie! That swing is beyond fabulous too!!
    I just thought of something…what if one of the girls longs for a horse? 😁 Stable building could be fun… 😉


    1. I am NOT going to tell Brina you had that idea! 😉 You should hear all my grandiose dolly plans for when/if we ever DO get to build a new house. 😀


  4. Oh, Laurie, your swing bring back memories of one I had hung from a very large maple tree in the back yard. If I recall the rope was at least 24 feet long. Instead of a wooden seat the rope was attached to a automobile tire. The tree was located on a 30 degree slope so that one could swing out and be quite elevated at the furthest reach of the swing pathway. Of course me and a few neighbor kids build a 3-foot platform to accomplish an even further arc.

    Of course, in your rendition of a swing, quite remarkably fashioned, I got a kick out of the other dolls getting into the act! By the way, where did you ever get that really authentic looking white birch tree?



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